vendredi 22 juin 2018


Après un début de saison laborieux, les truites sont maintenant bien actives à la surface.

Both pictures are some cuts from larger ones, but still, as always not even an ounce of touch-ups. This first one I like it very much, I need to get it printed.

Cela fait un moment que rien n'avait été posté sur le blog, en cause surtout le peu de montage à l'étau (juste suffisant pour avoir mes quelques mouches de prédilection) et le manque de photos de qualité, mais ça ne devrait pas durer!


vendredi 29 décembre 2017

crab fly pattern | mouche bar crabe

It makes a while since nothing has been posted on the blog... Hope this article will offset the shortage.

Crabe -Crab | mouche à bar, montage mouche mer; sea bass fly, sea pattern

Ultra chenille | epoxy | yeux haltères | nylon brûlé | foam (for the shell - carapace) | feutres | Deer Creek UV resin Diamond fine & flex

 Fix at the middle of the shank, prepare 5 pairs of legs and fix themon each side of the dumbell eyes.

 Fix the eyes made of burnt nylon plus the piece of nylon as anti-weed.

Place the shell and fix it with UV resin before gluing it with epoxy. Add a white color to the epoxy for the belly.

 There you are.


samedi 3 juin 2017

Some more trouts... ...on dry


Bronzed-golden block

Had about two hours free so I decided to go fishing, on the road I saw a pond and so I naturally stoped to see what I could do there. There were lots of carps swimming in; I grasped my 7 weight fly rod and a green algo looking fly. In this warm day carps were feeding in the weeds in shallow waters, easy to spot. When a carp first came around the place my imitation was I thought it was on. Yes it was but the too early strike made it go away. I caught one 5-6 lbs I'd say and missed three others time window, it was definitely worth it cause now carp is on my bucket list, but this will not be the last bronzed-golden !

Only picture cause others aren't good enough, but be sure there will be some soon


dimanche 23 avril 2017

samedi 31 décembre 2016

Fly fishing for squid - got it !

Late, on a cold night of December, the tide going down, they were there, the previous fly you've seen on the previous article did its work.